Back to School Lunch Ideas

Back to School Lunch Ideas

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - Back-to-School time may be a good opportunity to start some new, healthy habits. Wendy Brookhouse from Grand Valley Family Health Centers joined the noon news with some healthy snacks. Brookhouse offers tips on helping your kids eat healthier including enjoying fruits and vegetables in new ways. It is important to stay creative with your kids and don't forget to include them in the process!  

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National Women's Health Week

What is Grand Valley Family Health Center doing to celebrate Women’s Health Week?

GVFHC's own JJ and Barb speaking about National Women's Health Week on FOX 17 Grand Rapids!

GVFHC's own JJ and Barb speaking about National Women's Health Week on FOX 17 Grand Rapids!

Jehricole Olenzuk, EP-C: Grand Valley Family Health Center (GVFHC) is celebrating National Women’s Health Week with a free Body Composition Assessment Screening and education event. This $35 dollar value will be offered to women ages 16 and up free to the West Michigan Community from May 15th-19th during Women’s Health Week.

What does a biometric health assessment entail?

This 10 minute assessment consists of receiving accurate results on your weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, lean mass and fat free mass and your total body water. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain or increase your lean muscle mass this is a great place to start to learn about bodies specific numbers.  Community members will receive a full printout of their results.

How does age play a factor in healthy living?

Barb Duchemin, BS, PA-C: Whether you're in your 20s or your 90s, you are going to have different health concerns. A well-woman visit is a yearly preventive checkup with your doctor. It's a time to check in on how you're doing, how you'd like to be doing, and what changes you can make to reach your health goals.

In addition to talking with your doctor or nurse about your health, you may also need certain vaccines (shots) and medical tests. You do not need every test every year!  

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Get Fit

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - Health Reporter Valerie Lego, My West Michigan's Jennifer Pascua and Meteoroglist Alana Nehring will concentrate on an Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean diet has become popular in recent years for its holistic approach to eating healthy. The trio will be working with the nutritionists at Grand Valley Family Health Center to learn how to make this life change work in their busy lives.

You'll find all the stories, pictures and video by using the hashtag #13FitIn2016 on social media platforms. You can use the hashtag, too, to share your own journey!

Talking To Your Kids About Puberty

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - Heading back to school after hitting puberty over the summer can be intimidating.   For parents, the idea of your children reaching that age can also be a bit scary and awkward. 

Grand Valley Family Health Center's Jacklyn Grabow spoke with WZZM 13 anchor Meredith TerHaar about the changes kids go through and how parents can tackle them. 

Grabow says teens experience a lot of mental growth, and often sadness, or anger is chalked up to "mood swings" and "being a teenager".  This could mask a more deep seated issue for the teen and it is important to note the changes in your child. 

If the moods seem overly dark or sad, it could be a sign of another problem and parents and teens are encouraged to seek out a doctor's opinion. 

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