Meal Prep Resolution... Go for it!

With 2018 being a fresh start, essentially a new year, people are in this habit to have RESOLUTIONS.  I often hear; plan to go to the gym, eat better, work on time management, stress relief, spend more time with loved ones, watch our finances….

Today I want to take time to address all of those goals…  by discussing one thing we all need to do each and every single day: eat.  

What/how/when/why we fuel our body is adjustable.  By taking control of our eating habits, we can have more time to be active, have less stress in our day, enjoy meals with loved ones, and save money!

Listen to 'Nutrient Nook' by clicking here.

Take home tips

Write down you & your family’s favorite items in each food group. Think about the visual 'My Plate' and a bit of creativity to utilize those items at different meals. Not all vegetables are tasty when eaten fresh.  Cooking with a variety of items can enhance flavor while providing essential nutrients.