Frequently Asked Questions about the GVFHC HRA

What is a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)? The Health Risk Assessment is a tool that guides you through a set of questions pertaining to your current health behaviors. Your answers are used in conjunction with simple biometric tests to develop a Personal Wellness Profile.

What does the Personal Wellness Profile tell me? The profile gives you information about your current health status. It includes an overall wellness score, a health age, and information about your health risks, including tips for improving your overall health.

How do I complete the online Health Risk Assessment? Go to Once online, you will be asked to accept the terms of agreement and create a secure login and password. You will then be directed to answer the questions that follow. When you have completed the online portion of the HRA, you will be able to access a preliminary summary of your results. This summary does not take into consideration the results of your biometric testing.

Completing the HRA in paper form: If you do not have access to the Internet, or would prefer a copy of the paper HRA form, please contact our Customer Service Department at 616 949-2410. Customer Service will mail you a paper HRA questionnaire as well as a postage paid envelope for you to return the completed HRA. In addition, your Family Health Center has copies of the paper HRA for you to complete, while at the Family Health Center.

The returned paper HRA will be processed and a Personal Wellness Profile, Physician Summary Report and a Counselor Summary Report will be printed by GVFHC and a copy will be forwarded to you by mail. For your convenience, a copy will also be forwarded to your Primary Care Provider and/or Health Coach and scanned into your Electronic Medical Record.

In both the web based and paper version, a “Disclosure/Use of Personal Information Contained in the HRA Statement” must be agreed to. This agreement allows GVFHC to generate aggregate reports and disclose individual personal health information to you and your Family Health Center team.

Completing Biometrics Testing: In order to receive your full Personal Wellness Profile, you need to have certain biometric testing results completed or on file. Biometrics screening results includes your blood pressure, height, weight and a lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides). The height, weight and blood pressure can be from an appointment within the last three months and the lipid (cholesterol) screening should be no more than a year old.

How will I know if you have my biometrics results? If we do not have current biometrics results, your health center will send you a letter informing you to make an appointment at your GVFHC to have the tests completed. Once completed, your biometric results will be entered into your HRA.

How do I get a copy of my results? Once you have completed your HRA questionnaire and biometrics screening, a Personal Wellness Profile, a Physician Summary Report and a Counselor Summary Report will be mailed to your home. In addition, for your convenience, these reports are automatically generated for your Primary Care Provider and Health Coach at GVFHC. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your health care team to review your HRA and develop a customized plan to reduce identified risk factors and maximize your health.

Who will see my results? Your personal health information is confidential and is only shared with you and your Family Health Center staff. Only designated HRA staff members handle Personal Wellness Profiles.