Forward copies of your medical records. "Your medical records will help us to know where the last provider left off and what studies have already been completed, which will save you from undergoing unnecessary tests."  If you are new to Grand Valley Family Health Center, one of the first things you should do is have all your medical records forwarded from your previous doctor’s office.  These records are important for your new medical team to get a complete picture of your health.“

Follow all pre-visit prep. “You should always follow pre-visit preps in order to get the highest quality and most efficient care possible.  Following the prep before an appointment allows more time for the provider and patient team to process the information and come up with a care plan, rather than gathering the information during the appointment.”

Be prepared to answer questions about your family history. "Knowing a member's family history is important because we can screen for signs of that illness at an earlier than recommended time.  If the member should have any symptoms of the illness, knowing their history helps the provider target the cause and begin working on a care plan.”

During your appointment, be open and honest with your provider. "Your health care provider is a partner in your health care.  When you see your health care provider and discuss your concerns, he/she can address them, and work with you to promote wellness.  If the provider does not know all the facts, the issues will not be completely resolved and you will be dissatisfied with your care.”

Write down your symptoms. “A member should begin by writing down all their symptoms before going into their appointment. Include information on whether you have tried any home treatments and what they were.  Also include what makes the symptoms  better or worse? Plus, have you ever consulted someone else for the same symptoms?  If you have seen someone in the past for these symptoms, what were you told?  The more information your provider has about how you are feeling the easier it will be to come up with a diagnosis and start treatment.”

Write down your health goals, and write down any questions to ask your provider before your appointment. "Writing down your goals and discussing them in your appointment is important, because the provider and patient need to be on the same page for how to achieve the goals.  The provider also wants to make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, so you won't become frustrated and give up. Writing down questions before an appointment will help a member communicate better with their provider.  It’s important for members to leave their appointment feeling confident that all their questions are answered and they fully understand.”