Welcome to your Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). As the first organization in Michigan to be recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for PCMH, GVFHC offers a wide variety of personal and family wellness services. Below is a brief summary of services, which make GVFHC unique and allow you to experience the better side of healthcare.

POPULATION BASED PROGRAMS: Help you receive even more specialized care and set wellness goals.                                                                                                        
• Women’s Health
• Men’s Health
• Services for Mature Members
• OB Center of Excellence
• Pain Management
• Oncology Risk Reduction (Cancer)
• Asthma Management
• Diabetes Management
• Blood Pressure Management
• Cholesterol Management
• Heart Disease & Stroke
• Behavioral Health
• Childhood Obesity
• Adult Obesity
• Metabolic Syndrome

HEALTH COACHES: Health Coaches are an important part of a Patient Centered Medical Home.   

• Registered Dietitians
• Behavioral Health
• Certified Diabetes Educator
• Telephonic Support